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What do you miss most frequently when collaborating with a consulting company? We anticipate two things in particular:

1. Consultants don’t understand the operative effects away from the consultant’s perspective.

2. It is never implemented.

We can do 1. better as we were specialists and managers for many years ourselves – in other words, we were the customers of consultants and know what really matters.

And 2. doesn’t apply to us as we are not a typical consulting company – we are consultants and doers at the same time.

We have made it our task to radically simplify planning, monitoring and controlling. Our services therefore provide you with customised instruments for monitoring purposes. Furthermore, they don’t just seem good in theory, but really work in practice. We provide support for individual projects (founding companies, financing etc.) and repetitive tasks (reports, annual financial statements etc.).

Take a look at the following service descriptions for investment and change management. 

If you are interested or already have specific requirements, we look forward to hearing from you.

Project examples.


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