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Investment Management.

Our needs-based investment management services facilitate targeted and transparent corporate management. We improve your standard evaluations into recipient-oriented reports, ensure stable corporate financing and accompany M&A projects.

Treasury & Financial Management.

By means of precise liquidity planning, experienced cash management, secure investment of assets, stable formation of reserves and by means of precise hedging, we ensure that liquidity is secured and that the financial risks of your company, your group of companies or your investment remain controllable.

Reporting & Investment Controlling.

By setting up and implementing recipient-oriented reporting, we ensure that you always have an overview of the really important control parameters of your company, your group of companies or your investment, so that you and your team can not only react to deviations, but can also act before a risk occurs. All in the spirit of planning and control.

For us, recipient-oriented means that we first understand the interests and intentions of the stakeholders essential to a project (owners, financial partners such as banks, etc.) and then take them into account as required – analogous to your goal.

Merger & Acquisition.

Do you want to sell your business or invest in another company, then we could be your partner for the realization of such a project. Or maybe you want to start a business in another country and need someone to organize such a start-up all-embracing? We plan your project based on our project methods, analyze figures, data and facts, determine location advantages and disadvantages, prepare professional documents, develop recommendations and go into implementation with you and your team.

Post Merger Integration.

You already have a subsidiary in Germany or in another country and would like to integrate this subsidiary, integrate it better and control it more precisely, or implement a specific project – e.g. a new company. implement a local financing or organize an inventory – then we take care of the practical implementation. We align processes, determine control variables and create reconciliations in accounting between the investment and the parent company (HB1 & HB 2, sales to total cost method, etc.).

Transfer Pricing Design & Documentation | Transfer Pricing.

By having clear and unambiguous transfer pricing documentation, you save yourself unnecessary hassle with the tax authorities and more importantly… you reduce the risk of double taxation or the impact of such double taxation. Have the tax authorities perhaps already asked you to disclose as part of a tax audit? Or do you need assistance with master file, local file or country-by-country reporting? Then just contact us.

Process optimization and

Do you want to optimize the processes of your accounting, your finance department and/or your controlling, align them company-wide or optimize and standardize the processes around the annual financial statement for all your companies as far as possible? Do you need someone to observe and perform local inventories along your and regulatory standards. Or do you simply want to take further digitalization steps within your company, your group of companies?

Whether it’s supposedly simple things like setting up automatic bank statement processing, the slightly more complex setup of various WorkFlow processes, or setting up fully integrative accounting for an entire group of companies to achieve fast close – we could be your partner.

Investment Management.

Our needs-based investment management services enable targeted and transparent control. Among other things, we improve your standard evaluations into recipient-oriented reports or ensure stable financing of your company or organization.

Family Office

Order. Protection. Trust.

We organize. That means we create order and even more important… we keep order. 

With this order we control, among others, asset management companies and organize your investments. 

In addition, we are advisors for projects, advisors for seizing opportunities and for avoiding risks. This is how we reveal potentials and protect your assets. 

Discreet handling of your data and absolute confidentiality are a matter of course for us.

Our network is the team for your success.

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